eMerge Americas


eMerge Americas, Miami’s Largest Tech Conference

After a highly successful first year, the eMerge Americas conference stands to make an even bigger impact this May positioning Miami as a technology hub of the Americas. “Given that Miami is located in such a central place for Latin America, it only makes sense to do something like this here,” stated eMerge Americas Executive Director, Xavier Gonzalez.

The initial event in 2014 had a groundbreaking attendance of 6,000 attendees, including 2,000 C-level executives from 31 different countries, with an emphasis on Latin America. Conference topics are diverse, but focused foremost on innovation. From health to finance and from education to entertainment, visionaries look to the future to implement new initiatives and make a difference for the communities they serve. Company sponsors of the event not only gain a presence in Miami, but also invest in the city’s technology community.

In addition, conference leaders believe gathering government officials at the city, state, and national levels will facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas, growth strategies, and technological partnerships. eMerge Americas’ Government Innovation Summit features discussions that seek to benefit urban mobility, transportation, and infrastructure – not only to transform cities but to impact entire nations. With the growing interest in innovation and technology as an emerging industry, eMerge Americas is well-positioned to be even grander in scale and influence this year.


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