Technology & Innovation in South Florida

South Florida’s thriving entrepreneurial and tech scene saw 2014 end with a bang, as high-level talent, international accessibility, and widespread investment brought dozens of new tech startups, coding academies, and conferences to the region.

Notably, Microsoft put down roots in Fort Lauderdale with new Latin America headquarters, in addition to opening its first US-based Innovation Center at Venture Hive, a growing Miami entrepreneurial education company. Fort Lauderdale’s annual ITPalooza event brought together 2,000 techies in December, while eMerge Americas will connect global technology leaders with investors, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs at an impactful conference in Miami this May.

The globally-connected, business-friendly region is on its way to becoming one of the nation’s – and the world’s – leading technology and innovation hubs, and a culturally diverse, multi-lingual talent pool provides an ideal environment for startups aiming to make an impact on the world.