Miami Associacion of Realtors


Connecting Brazil with One of the Hottest US Real Estate Markets


Senior Vice President of Public Relations and International, Lynda Fernandez

As the largest local association in the US with 35,000 members and the second largest in the world, the members and partners of Miami Association of Realtors (MIAMI) have access to a wealth of resources and opportunities.

Founded in 1920, this year marks MIAMI’s 95th year in business. “We are the only state and local association that has been awarded Platinum Council for four years in a row,” said Senior Vice President of Public Relations and International, Lynda Fernandez.

Miami is one of the top “turn- around” markets in the US after the last economic downturn. “We have recovered faster and stronger than anyone expected. We are now seeing record sales three years in a row,” added Ms. Fernandez.

If affordability wasn’t enough to attract buyers, Miami also boasts many amenities including: its proximity to the water; a strategic location for travel to Brazil, Europe, and the rest of the US; and a diverse culture in a safe environment. Miami also attracts buyers with its warm weather, fourth largest school district in the nation, cutting-edge art scene, and global cuisine. Clearly this city has earned its moniker as ”The Magic City.”

“There is a big focus on the arts, entertainment, and sports. It is a very exciting lifestyle. We are a 24-hour city,” explained Ms. Fernandez.

Brazil consistently ranks in the top three countries of origin investing in Miami real estate. Regarding Brazilians in Miami, Ms. Fernandez said, “There is a synergy we all feel towards each other, culturally and business-wise. It is also cheaper to buy here than in Brazil or Argentina.”

One of MIAMI’s biggest initiatives is education. “Part of what we do internationally is educating associations and agents abroad,” said Ms. Fernandez. In addition to educating agents around the world on referrals, Miami Realtors Association also teaches courses abroad on professionalism and has established exchange programs as a way to educate members and foreign realtors.

As MIAMI looks to the future, it invites continued foreign investment from Brazil. “Brazil is a very important market for us to promote and it’s great to participate in each other’s events. We want to maintain that relationship and come up with innovative ideas to further make our members mutually successful,” concluded Ms. Fernandez.


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