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Relationship Builders in Commercial Real Estate


CEO Tere Blanca, Senior Vice President Luciana Carvalho

When Blanca Commercial Real Estate CEO Tere Blanca started her firm, it was not to focus on the transactional nature of the business, but to share her expertise as an advisor across the full cycle of the real estate process.

In doing so, Miami-based Blanca Commercial Real Estate has carved a niche for itself in the South Florida market with clients who appreciate the relationship-focused approach. Ms. Blanca explained, “While we are in the commercial real estate business, we are not simply transactional brokers. Rather, we are in the business of relationships.” This perspective is how Blanca Commercial Real Estate has found success with clients of over 20 years who continue to engage and expand their business.

Blanca’s unique approach resonates with Brazilian investors looking to understand the nuances of the US commercial real estate market. “In dealing with the Brazilian community, our aim is to help educate. We are using our knowledge of how to do business in the US, and making that transition easier for our clients,” explained Blanca Commercial Real Estate Senior Vice President, Luciana Carvalho, a Brazilian native. “Brazilians are used to having multiple parties representing them. We communicate the importance of having an exclusive advisor in US business-related activities in the same manner one would for legal and tax advice.” Ms. Carvalho found a niche in real estate commercial market representing Brazilian institutions including Banco do Brasil and ApexBrasil, the government’s investment and trade agency.

US real estate agents have access to all properties, streamlining the process and alleviating the need for multiple representatives. With this model, clients access a single point of contact that has their best interests in mind, explained Carvalho.

This level of professionalism and discretion has helped the Blanca firm compete and win against large, global firms for a recent project for the Miami Herald, which was one of the largest and most complex deals in the history of the market.

A similar transaction for Akerman, the largest law firm in Florida, further showcases Blanca’s high level of service, senior-level talent, and creative approach to addressing client projects.

As the firm’s reputation for success grows, it is now looking to replicate its business model, expanding its reach in Fort Lauderdale. Blanca will continue to focus in its core business in the office sector but will continue to grow its private client capital markets team to facilitate the acquisition and selling of land and office buildings.

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