Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida


Forging Ties between South Florida and Brazil

Brazil is currently Florida’s number one trade partner with a total import/export value in 2013 of USD $20.5 billion. “Our number one priority is to forge ties between South Florida and Brazil,” explained 2014 President of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF), Felipe Berer. “We do that by helping Brazilians navigate the US market, by bringing people together.”

As one of the largest and most active chambers in the US, the BACCF hosts numerous social and educational events throughout the year. Its annual Gala draws over 300 attendees. “We just completed one of our most successful roadshows to date,” remarked Mr. Berer. In a recent trip to nine cities in Northern Brazil, field experts teamed up with local Brazilian businesses to teach the most important points of doing business in the US.

Brazilian companies such as Embraer, Confiança, Granero Moving, Giraffas, and Pontual Air Cargo have all established offices in South Florida. “Florida is very welcoming to Brazilians,” said Mr. Berer. “This is the platform to reach the rest of the US market.”

The Chamber not only helps Brazilians navigate the US business landscape, it also helps Americans establish businesses in Brazil. “It’s no longer should I go, but how do I go?” concluded Mr. Berer.


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