Apex-Brasil: Leading the Way to the US market

With two offices in the United States supporting more than seventy different sectors of Brazilian industry, Apex-Brasil works to strengthen the trade and investment relationship between Brazil and the US. Its mission is to develop the competitiveness of Brazilian companies in global markets by supporting the internationalization process and attracting foreign direct investment into Brazil.

Working from its offices in both Miami and San Francisco, Apex-Brasil offers technical support and market research to companies looking to expand operations in North America. The Miami office opened in 2005, further expanding to the West Coast in 2013, with an emphasis on the technology and startup sector.

On both coasts, Apex-Brasil leads Brazilian companies through strategic installation and internationalization in the US. The offices also increase Brazilian exports by strengthening government relations, market intelligence, and identifying new business opportunities.

Apex-Brasil currently serves over 12,000 companies, exporting to over 200 markets. It provides support for international trade promotion and fairs, trade missions, and immersive technical trips to Brazil. The company’s goal is to attract foreign capital that will bring technological innovation and new business models to Brazil, in addition to strengthening existing supply chains.

“We help Brazilian exporters and American companies investing in Brazil or looking for Brazilian goods and services,” said Apex-Brasil Head of International Operations Silvia Breda Pierson. “We have developed, throughout the years, effective ways to increase the chances of success.”


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