UPS, When the Last Mile Matters


Ms. Romaine Seguin, President of Americas Region

UPS Americas Region is fortunate to be led by a president who understands the logistics market from the ground up. Having been with the company for 32 years, Ms. Romaine Seguin began her career with UPS as a truck driver. She credits her years of success to the people she works with and having spent so much time on the ground, getting to know the market and the individuals in the logistics sector that have helped develop it.

“I trust in the growth of Latin America,” said Ms. Seguin. Due to Brazil’s healthy middle class and growing GDP, she believes a lot of opportunity for growth still exists. “Miami’s strong infrastructure and accessibility will help bridge ties with the emerging markets of the Americas.”

For the logistics industry, social media and e-commerce have been game changing. “We expect to see at least double-digit growth in the next year,” said Ms. Seguin.

UPS Latin America will use a phased approach to expand in Brazil. In phase one, which launched in 2014 and expected to run into 2015, UPS opened nine new facilities in São Paulo. In the next phase, the company is considering other expansion options and is looking into opportunities in the rest of the country.

As UPS continues to establish its presence in Brazil, it looks forward to assisting more Brazilian companies with supply-chain management. “Logistics is at the heart of our business and more so, offering solutions to better serve our customers, so they can better serve their customers. We’re always looking for ways on how they can be more efficient and manage costs, helping them go that final mile,” concluded Ms. Seguin.


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