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Confiança Logistics Announces New Ownership and Expanded Services

For moving and transportation services, Confiança Logistics is the company people have been counting on for nearly two decades. With branches in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Miami, as well as partnerships in 70 countries, Confiança Logistics provides top-notch, trustworthy services to both consumer and corporate clients.

“I can guarantee that in the business of logistics and moving, Confiança is the oldest Brazilian company, most trustworthy company, and the company that has more penetration in the market,” explained Rodrigo Stegani, COO of Confiança. “In terms of the industry here, we are at the top in the US, as compared to other Brazilian companies.”

Confiança Logistics has expanded the company’s moving services to include additional services for the US domestic market including commodities distribution, industrial logistics, special deliveries, express cargo of unaccompanied baggage, courier services, and storage for web sales orders.

“It is important to emphasize that, since we have bought the company, we are making several investments, not only in technology, but also in people,” added Mr. Stegani. “We are hiring executives to manage sales in the US domestic market and our team of Brazilian executives takes care of international sales.”

Confiança has also developed new partnerships with Atrade Forwarding Corporation and Lemon Logistics. Atrade is an American freight forwarding company, lending expertise to the operational side of the business, especially in the areas of industrial logistics, supply chain, and project loads.

Confiança has teamed up with Lemon Logistics to run a business called Confiança Express, which provides courier and unaccompanied luggage services. Confiança Express operates in a niche market in which Brazilians can purchase personal use products, such as electronics or domestic appliances, in the US and send the items back to Brazil in unaccompanied luggage. This service simplifies the tax situation and eliminates the hassle of hiring a trade company.

White glove deliveries are another unique service offered by Confiança. Through this service, the company provides delivery services of high-end products for clients such as the Brazilian company, Artefacto.

Confiança Logistics does not subcontract other companies for moving services, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition. Employees have been with the company for many years, so clients can rest assured that their goods will be transported in reliable hands.

“If you have your own team, you can guarantee the best quality service,” confirmed Mr. Stegani.

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