Novartis, Improving Brazilian Patients Accessibility to Innovative Medicine


President Latin America and Canada, Fabrice Chouraqui

As the largest pharmaceutical company in the world based on sales, Novartis is clearly distinguished in its global scale and reach. Yet what truly sets the company apart is its relentless focus on research and commitment to patients.

The company’s campaign of “Long Live Life” speaks to Novartis’ efforts to bring life-saving treatments to market as a duty to humanity. “This is what animates every single employee at Novartis. Everyone understands that either directly or indirectly, they make a difference in patient’s life every day. The patient is at the center of what we do and what we strive for,” explained Novartis President Latin America and Canada, Fabrice Chouraqui. With deep pharmaceutical experience across a variety of regions, Mr. Chouraqui is highly qualified to drive Novartis’ distinctive goals.

A constant stream of new and innovative treatments fuels the Novartis mission. The company spent USD $9 million on R&D in 2012 alone and has over 200 projects in clinical development, more than any other pharmaceutical company. “We believe that research is our blood. Without research, we cannot develop and commercialize innovative treatments that are so valuable for our patients,” stated Mr. Chouraqui. With its commitment to research and productive clinical development pipeline, Novartis is able to launch 5 new drugs per year.

The company’s focus on research and commitment to quality extends not only to the company’s name brand drugs, but to its generics as well; Sandoz is ranked as one of the top three generics in the world.

Recently, Novartis has been working towards providing patients with several new breakthrough drugs, including treatments for multiple sclerosis and chronic heart failure.

Yet the development and successful registration of the drugs is only one milestone. Novartis’ ultimate goal is to ensure that patients can access these treatments and to see that patients receive the right treatment at the right time. In fact, Novartis is ranked in the top five companies on the international Access to Medicine Index, which measures company efforts at product accessibility.

Novartis has also invested significantly to generate greater evidence, beyond clinical trials, in order to prove the cost effectiveness of its drugs. In Brazil, this has helped drive the decision to transfer Novartis technology to its Brazilian partners who would manufacture products locally. This structure not only helps the patient in terms of cost effectiveness, but is also a win for the Brazilian economy.

As evidenced by an 80-year commitment and over 3,5000 employees, Brazil has always been a major partner for Novartis. “The well-being and the engagement of our workforce is very important,” said Mr. Chouraqui. “Novartis in Brazil has been selected as a great place to work for the past three years, which says a lot about our values.”

These values and commitment to accessibility drive Novartis’ efforts to improve the speed with which clinical trials are being approved. “We want to proceed as quickly as possible for the development of our drug in order for it to be delivered to patients,” explained Mr. Chouraqui. “Rather than look to other countries with faster approvals, we are working to speed up the approval process in Brazil so we can invest even more here.”


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