Living a Mission to Change Lives


Mr. James Hogan, President of Medtronic Latin America

Founded over 65 years ago with the invention of the battery-operated Pacemaker, Medtronic continues to change lives all over the globe with its mission to produce medical technologies to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.

Far more than just a philosophical statement spread across marketing materials and websites, the mission resonates with the 50,000 Medtronic employees who can not only recite it, but understand the impact their work has on changing people’s lives every day.

It is this mentality that differentiated Medtronic for Mr. James Hogan, President of Medtronic Latin America: “We focus not on making a profit, but on helping people have access to technologies that truly change their lives. It’s what has made this company so successful and differentiates it from others.”

Another factor in the success of Medtronic Latin America has been Mr. Hogan’s push towards a more direct approach to the market. Seven years ago, virtually all sales were done through distributors. Recently, many of those relationships have become direct Medtronic relationships with field representatives providing support directly in the hospitals. “With direct connections to the doctors and hospitals, we can better anticipate the specific products they need and invest more in local clinical trials,” explained Mr. Hogan.

Expanding upon the direct-sales success, Medtronic is also focused on training. “A huge element of our objective going forward is to continue to train physicians and health care professionals on the proper use of technology to be able to get the full benefit from it,” said Mr. Hogan. “New technology is only an improvement if it actually lowers the cost of healthcare, and if it gets people back to society less expensively than the alternative options you have.”

Some of Medtronic’s most innovative and critical new technologies are in the heart rhythm and cardiovascular areas and one of the most revolutionary technologies that have been introduced in Brazil is the use of heart valves implanted in a minimally-invasive fashion. This is an example of new technology that enables healthcare to be delivered at a lower cost and if proper access is provided, allows governments and countries to be more profitable. Most importantly, Medtronic’s newest technologies continue to improve lives.


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