Health Care Overview


Three-quarters of a million healthcare workers are based in Florida, which boasts one of the most innovative and technologically advanced healthcare systems in the country. Consistently at the forefront of research and development, Florida-based medical research centers and companies have successfully lead the way in clinical trials, pharmaceutical development, and medical device technology. More than 250 Florida biotechnology companies attract international talent, and the growing field is a popular area of study for top students across the state’s many rigorous research universities.

Organizations such as Miami’s Baptist Health have developed revolutionary advancements in fields such as robotic surgery and radiation technology, and are eager to partner with leaders in Brazilian healthcare to share and further advance these crucial medical fields. Other companies, such as Medtronic and Novartis have already delved into strategic partnerships with Brazil, and plan to increase their investment in Latin America. With a commitment to research and development, Novartis currently has over 3,500 employees working on life-saving medical solutions in Brazil.


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