US Century Bank


Brazil to South Florida: Bridging the Gap

US Century Bank is the largest locally owned community bank in Miami. Founded in 2002 by Cuban-American immigrants, community has been the focus of the bank from its inception. “We have experience helping immigrants to bridge the gap,” said US Century Bank CEO Carlos Davila.

With 22 locations in South Florida, US Century Bank is large enough to provide convenience and a full array of products and services, yet small enough to provide highly-individualized service. “Everything we do starts with relationships, service, and the personal touch needed to earn trust from our customers,” explained Mr. Davila.

Headquartered in El Doral, an area in Miami where the Brazilian population is rapidly increasing, decisions are made locally.

US Century Bank recognizes the importance of assisting international clients with personal accounts as well as business solutions. “I often meet with clients planning to migrate their businesses here. We know the market, this is our home town,” said Mr. Davila. As one of a few community banks to survive the Great Recession, US Century Bank is stronger and better positioned.

Mr. Davila welcomes new clients to experience the level of service and expertise offered with US Century Bank. “If you’re successful, we’re successful,” concluded Mr. Davila.


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