Sunstate Bank


Sunstate Bank: The Familiar Choice


President and CEO Lloyd DeVaux

Sunstate Bank, an affiliate of Brazil-based Banco Sofisa, offers a friendly face to those relocating from Brazil. Marcos Pereira, SVP of Sunstate Bank, was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro where he began his career in banking. “We speak the language,” said Mr. Pereira, referring to both Portuguese and Brazilian business customs.

As a community bank, the primary focus of Sunstate Bank is the customer. “We offer guidance every step of the way,” said Mr. Pereira who advises customers on everything from schools for their children to legal counsel. “We have been doing this for a long time; we are a great conduit for this process,” he continued. Sunstate was one of the first banks to offer residential lending again to foreigners in 2010 when many banks cutback their lending programs.

In addition to being client-focused, Sunstate Bank offers a wealth of experience in assisting international clients with doing business in South Florida. “We know how to take you through the obstacle course,” said Sunstate Bank President Lloyd DeVaux.

Currently, approximately 30% of Sunstate’s customers are Brazilian. “In order to be a growing bank, we need a strong domestic business and a strong international business. For us, everyone matters,” concluded Mr. DeVaux.



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