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Hernandez & Company Envisions Tremendous Opportunity for US Investment

“Your success is our success.” These words are at the core of the philosophy of Hernandez & Company, a boutique CPA firm of international advisors and taxation experts headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida.

Since 1992, the firm has specialized in helping clients establish operations in the US by providing multilingual services to international clients that include accounting, taxation, multinational solutions for corporations, as well as advisory and consulting services.

“The key to our success is personal service. We help our clients with the entire process of investment. It is not just accounting; for us, it is creating a partnership,” explained CEO Armando Hernandez.

This personalized approach is exemplified in the case of the firm’s Brazilian clientele. Hernandez & Company has responded to the growing number of Brazilian investors by building a team of Brazilian-born accountants and CPAs with experience working both in Brazil and the US. In addition, and through their association with BLITA International, an international association of tax advisors, Hernandez & Company works with CPAs and attorneys in Brazil to ensure compliance in both countries.

“We understand the Brazilian market and we understand the US market,” added Director of International Taxation, Megan Campos. “We understand the Brazilian culture. When our clients come to us, they do not need to be worried about translating documents or having to explain how it works in Brazil.”

As advisors with over 20 years of experience working with international investors, the firm has valuable suggestions for prospective investors. “Planning is the number one thing they must do,” advised Mr. Hernandez. This includes pre-immigration planning, which is of critical importance to avoid paying unnecessarily high taxes.

Mr. Hernandez stated that the number one mistake investors made was purchasing and holding property in their personal names instead of creating a corporate structure to purchase the real estate. The correct structure helps investors minimize US taxes, ensure an adequate return on investment, and protect the investment from a liability perspective.

Finally, success in investment is all about having good advisors. This is particularly important for large investments because a good team can make all the difference in competing with local investors and establishing trust with the sellers.

Over the next five years, the firm foresees tremendous opportunity for investment in US markets, along with continued growth in Brazilian investments, both in Miami and across the United States.

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