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CBT’s Begin. Belong. Be More. Campaign

College of Business and Technology (CBT) is a career education institution based in Kendall, South Florida, offering degree programs in business, technology, allied health, graphic design, languages, and continuing education. In 2014, The Minority Chamber of Commerce recognized CBT College as the National College of the Year.

The Begin. Belong. Be More. campaign directly addresses student experiences and the services CBT offers. CBT COO Ms. Monica Llerena, explained, “Students might begin directly from high school, or restart their education after a career or series of life experiences. No matter what, they can always renew their investment in themselves, and will find they belong at CBT and can find success.” Be More refers not just to graduation, but to successful engagement in the broader community – to find that first job or volunteer opportunity. It is about giving back as part of the community and becoming something more.

The school engages directly with the community through service-learning and internship placements with local businesses. Specifically, CBT founded Tech Troopers (IT services), A/CMed Solutions (air-conditioning contracting), and Simply Electrical (commercial-level electrical contracting), which employ students in hands-on learning opportunities while serving the broader business community. Executive Director Mr. Luis Llerena, added, “These partnerships are key both to student success and to CBT’s mission of creating a positive impact in the workforce and the community as a whole.”

In addition to these external connections, CBT offers the attention and experience that only comes from small class sizes, limiting even the most popular programs to fifteen students per class. The focus is on students and their individual success, which can only be achieved through true educational interactions rather than large lecture classes and power point presentations. CBT is focused on growth through caring—a culture revolving around both students and its faculty members.

Ms. Llerena mentioned that the Student Success Center initiative being rolled out into the campuses is one of the most fundamental tools. CBT College and career schools are known for empowering students through mentorship, coaching, and soft skill training.

For nearly 30 years, CBT has graduated well-rounded students, helping them launch thriving careers – bettering themselves, their communities, and the world. With a global mindset, CBT invites international students, as well as prospective partnerships, to join in and Begin. Belong. Be More.


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