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Broward College: Soon to Be Transforming Student Lives in Brazil


Dr. David Moore, Associate Vice President for International Education

Broward College is excited to announce the start of a new partnership with SOEBRAS, one of the largest educational institutions of Brazil, based in Montes Claros. The collaboration will give rise to the opening of new centers in Belo Horizonte, Montes Claros, and other cities in 2015 and beyond. This initiative, will allow Brazilian students to attain a two-year Broward degree in Brazil, and remain in the country or transfer to the United States to finish a four-year bachelor’s degree.

With 68,000 students currently enrolled at Broward College, student success is the school’s primary focus. Broward College, an accessible, affordable option for higher education, is based in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where it has been transforming students’ lives for 54 years.

Broward has multiple campuses in South Florida, offering numerous degree programs. One of the best education providers in South Florida, Broward is focused on workforce development and preparing students for four-year degrees. The faculty is comprised of experienced and current professionals, creating a practical, learning environment. Career Technical Education programs allow students to choose from approximately 100 different programs, ranging from criminal justice to healthcare. BC graduates are ready to join the workforce immediately, and because of Broward’s excellent reputation and strong ties with the community, they are in high demand.

Dr. David Moore, Associate Vice President for International Education noted the primary emphasis of the school in recent years has been student success, meaning that more and more students follow through until graduation so they can either transfer to a university or stay in the area ready to join the “local workforce, get hired, get to work, and do a good job.”

Alternatively, the two-year Associate of Arts (AA) Degree program allows a student to affordably attain a degree from Broward College that seamlessly transfers to state universities where the student can work toward a four-year degree. Many students graduate with their AA degree from Broward and successfully enroll at Florida State, University of Florida, University of South Florida, and other Florida-based schools each year. This system is a great fit for Brazilian students looking to earn a US degree. Many students find that learning through cultural immersion and having the opportunity to develop English skills at a more affordable rate is priceless.

With international centers in Asia and South America, including Brazil, Broward actively seeks relationships with international students. Its recruitment staff is well-versed in Portuguese and attentive to the needs of prospective international students. Brazilian scholars looking for an affordable, accessible, practical degree to launch their careers will be well-served at Broward College.

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