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Saint Andrew’s School: A Leader in Educating Global Citizens

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Saint Andrew’s School holds a 53-year history of educational excellence in preparing students to become true global citizens.

With students from 27 countries, representing approximately 20% of the student body, Saint Andrew’s has long prided itself on its innovative international curriculum and track record of preparing students to become global citizens. “The international component of our experience here differentiates us in South Florida – between the Boarding Program, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Round Square, we are arguably the most globally-focused school in this regional market,” stated St. Andrew’s Associate Headmaster Kilian Forgus.

In addition to a highly internationalized academic curriculum, the school facilitates global experiential learning. As a member of the Round Square association of schools, SAS regularly sends students on trips to countries such as India, Peru, and South Africa.

Saint Andrew’s Headmaster Peter Benedict II shared, “It is absolutely key for our students to develop empathy and understanding for other citizens of the world. We achieve that through exchanges and through a tremendous amount of international travel that we do with the students. When you come back to the States and go to school, you have a much more international mindset, and much higher levels of empathy towards all the differences and richness that the world brings us.”

The school recognizes the importance of balancing academics with extracurricular activities and strongly encourages students to be involved in sports, music, and the arts. All middle school students are required to play an instrument, join the dance company, or the chorus.

“We try to support students in a way so that they can be in a school play, participate in band, play sports each season, and still be strong academicians, all at the same time,” said Mr. Benedict.

The already remarkable programs and facilities offered by St. Andrew’s are constantly being upgraded, with a planned investment of US $60 million in the next 10 years, including new high school and resident life facilities. Mr. Forgus explained, “We balance between honoring our traditions and constantly re-evaluating and moving forward.”

“Our students graduate with the ability to navigate all kinds of career and professional opportunities anywhere on the globe,” said Mr. Benedict. “They graduate knowing the true meaning of being honorable global citizens.”

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