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Florida Christian School: Strong Values, Strong Education

Founded in June of 1968, Florida Christian School (FCS) was established to provide a quality education rooted in the Christian faith. From its first 100 students, to today’s enrollment of 1200 students from kindergarten through the 12th grade, the school has grown its mission to offer a full educational platform, extracurricular activities, and fine arts with an emphasis on the Christian perspective.

Set in a safe, residential neighborhood of Miami, people from all parts of the world are represented at FCS. “Currently, we have students from China, South Korea, and Africa. We also have students from almost every Latin American country including Brazil,” stated FCS Headmaster Robert Andrews.

FCS makes great strides to encourage international students to join its community. Mr. Andrews explained, “We are approved by the US administration to issue student visas for those international students entering the country alone. As well, if a family is coming here for business reasons, the students can study here on their parents’ visa.”

Families are drawn to the care and sense of community created at FCS. This welcoming family atmosphere has lead many parents who attended FCS to now bring their children to the school. As well, a significant number of alumni have returned to work at FCS.

Explained FCS High School Principal, Jim Arnold,We have family connections and are committed to investing in the lives of our students starting when they are very young – and continuing that seamless investment all the way through their graduation as they go on to college.“

The FCS high school provides a comprehensive college-prep program, encouraging individual accountability and responsibility. This allows students the opportunity to learn how to be successful as they move on to a university or college setting. “Our academics have proven themselves to be solid in the fact that our students are able to make that transition. They are able to go into their freshman year in college and be successful,” highlighted Mr. Arnold.

Rounding out the school’s strong academics is a full complement of athletics and fine arts. From award winning programs in band, choral, and drama, the opportunities extend far beyond just academics as students prepare for college.

“Florida Christian offers a very strong Christian education with strong family atmosphere,” summarized Mr. Andrews. “We believe the programs we offer here prepare students to move forward in their education and be successful with a strong sense of one’s self and values.” With over 95% of graduates going on to college, it is clear FCS is rooted in student success.

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