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America Expert Founder, Simone Oliveira

Founded by Mrs. Simone Oliveira, America Expert combines vast international business knowledge with the best in customer service to offer comprehensive business development solutions to companies and individuals looking to enter the US marketplace.

As President and CEO of America Expert, Mrs. Oliveira brings over ten years of experience in business consulting and leadership with clients such as IBM, British Petroleum, Souza Cruz, Group Libra Marítima, and Sony Music. Mrs. Oliveira leverages her experience to help her clients reach their business development goals.

In order to preserve client privacy and ensure the highest level of support, the services of America Expert are never outsourced. The company’s in-house team includes business professionals who offer solutions for every stage of business development. It also provides solutions relating to market research, business planning, immigration status, asset protection, as well as trademark and other services.

In addition to company expansion in the US, America Expert advises individual clients with their US investments such as residential and commercial real estate, business purchases, and investment partnerships.

“We have assisted companies that import from the US with logistics and walked clients through the customs process,” shared Mrs. Oliveira. “Every service is highly customized. Furthermore, our team is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, making client communication more effective.”

With office locations in both the US and Brazil, America Expert is uniquely positioned to leverage Brazilian and US legislative expertise to help clients navigate the business tax systems efficiently and effectively.

Many successful Brazilian companies are now taking their businesses abroad. Brazilian brands have appeal in the US market, but often fail to consider the unique nature of doing business in the US. America Expert steps in to assist companies by providing one-stop, end-to-end services. Its services provide a fully operational business office extension to Brazilian firms choosing not to formally establish office space and hire resources in the US.

America Expert is headquartered in Miami, Florida due to the benefits of the state’s significant tax advantage for foreign firms. Additionally, Florida provides exceptional infrastructure for distribution across airport, seaport, and highway networks.

The company has recently opened a subsidiary in Europe and will be relocating to a new, more expansive office in Miami due to its growing success and client demand. When it comes to helping Brazilian companies thrive, America Expert is the ultimate liaison to success.


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